“It was a huge success. Everyone was happy with it. Great work.”Clayton Chu, Boeing, GSOC short doc edit

“30 years in the content solutions — I mean, advertising business, I rarely have had the opportunity to work with someone like Andras Ostrom.  Solo or with his OMG crew, he’s a talented filmmaker for hire. He can nail down your vision and bring it to life without much fuss, and might I say, at a reasonable price. Andras and his team are my “go to” production and post solution when budget and timing are limited but expectations high.” – Steve Bland, Big Logo Advertising

“They watched it intently and there were several great smiles … Your video perfectly conveyed the message of our commitment to JPL’s strategic vision/purpose … It gave us a great opportunity to get across a number of our key messages that we then hammered home in the rest of the briefing.”Tom Kessler, Boeing, ARRM mission video edit

“Andras is vey creative and talented. He knows how to make pictures, words and music tell a compelling story.”  – Reginald Ragland, Knox Presbyterian Church

“Andras can work on a documentary, a feature film or a corporate spot and, no matter what project it is, he always brings an artist’s eye and a craftsman’s sensibility to it. He’s a worthy collaborator and takes direction well. Any time Andras is editing one of my projects, I always look forward to working with him because I know he won’t quit until he gets it right.” – Mark Olsen, PIMCO

“I wrote and directed the film The Letters which was released in 2015 and is currently on Netflix as well as iTunes, Amazon and other outlets through Fox Home Entertainment and also is currently in foreign distribution through Sony.  I had the pleasure of working with Andras Ostrom on this project during the editing phase and found him to be competent as well as easy to work with, and have since hired him to work with me on the production of another film finding him again to be competent and easy to work with.  I would recommend Andras to anyone.” – William Riead, Producer/Director of “The Letters”

“The quality of the videos and the motion graphics is outstanding … The editors were tireless in honing down the content to make the story work within a very tight time frame but still told the story.” Lynn Hanks, Boeing, Recommitment edit

Thank you for helping us reach our deadline yesterday with the video. We have received positive feedback from our employees which of course was our true purpose. Appreciate the work and energy needed to get here. – Michelle Bandoian, Boeing, SSG edit

“I have worked with Andras Ostrom for six years and he is a thorough professional in all phases of filmmaking.  Andras is a very talented filmmaker and has a keen eye for detail.  He is also an accomplished musician who can deftly perform in both classical and contemporary genres.  On the post side of things, Andras is a very creative editor, colorist and post finishing expert.  He has worked with me on commercials, films, corporate videos and industrials and I can always rely on him to complete a finished product on time and under budget.  More important than his technical skills however, he is a warm and genuine person and it is a pleasure to have him as an integral part of my team.” John Harris, Blue Room Post